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The Pigs Beat The Heat – Again

Posted on March 16, 2017 in Sports News - Yooper & Michigan.

In the annual Pigs and Heat Charity Hockey game at Lakeview Arena on Wednesday the Pigs won once again.

They beat the Heat 8 to 4.

Both teams came out in the first period working hard and firing on all cylinders.

The Pigs scored first early in the first on a goal by Brad Beaudry.

The Heat answered quickly with a goal by Jeff Sims.

When the dust settled on the first period the Pigs led 4 to 3.

No goals were scored in the second period.

In the third the Pigs really went to work.

The Pigs scored four more goals to the Heat’s one, making the final score 8 to 4.

Kirby Franti had 2 goals and Brad Beaudry had two goals for the Pigs.

Jeff Simms scored three goals for the Heat.

Kirby Franti, of the Pigs,  was named the game’s MVP.


By:  Mike Plourde     –     for Great Lakes radio Sports



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