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Marquette Boys’ Varsity Soccer Makes a Powerful Start at the Traverse City Tournament

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Isaac Johnson (#1) battles for a ball vs Boyne City

Isaac Johnson (#1) battles for a ball vs Boyne City

Marquette, MIAugust, 23 – The soccer season has begun with Marquette Boys’ Varsity kicking off the season this past Friday. Marquette faced off against four different teams in this quad tournament in Traverse City, MI.

Marquette placed its first game against the host of the tournament, Traverse City Central. Four minutes into the game, Junior Max Dawson got the score going, taking the pass from Senior Nick Lindberg. While TCC shot one goal before halftime, Dawson took his second goal with 5 minutes remaining, taking another assist from Lindberg for the win. Junior Isaac Johnson championed the Marquette net, making eight saves throughout the game.

Game two gave Marquette the mercy victory, taking Manistee at 8-0. Axel Vermaat (senior) and Ethan Sandstrom (sophomore) assisted Junior Lamb Ngafeeson to make the first score of the game. Dawson followed up with two scores before halftime, assisted by Vermaat and Zane Phillips (senior). After halftime, Dawson assisted Junior Ezra Pickard, who in turn helped Senior Enzo Stabile for the fifth goal of the game. The sixth score came Dawson, assisted by Lindberg, and the seventh came from Vermaat from Ngafeeson. The game finished off after the eighth shot by Vermaat, taking the assist from Junior Evan Sysko. Once more, Johnson handled the net, along with senior Harrison Anthos, but were faced with no shots from Manistee

Max Dawson (#25) scores one of his 10 goals over the weekend

Max Dawson (#25) scores one of his 10 goals over the weekend

Marquette faced Boyne City in game three and won with a resounding 8-1 finish. Dawson notched his second hat trick of the day with assists going to Lindberg, Sandstrom, and Johnson. Other goals made by the team included Pickard from Dawson, Lindberg from Pickard, Sandstrom from Ngafeeson, Johnson from Ngafeeson, and Vermaat unassisted. Anthos alone attended the net this game, making one save off of the two attempts made by Boyne.

The fourth game took place on the following day, where Marquette headed out to Gaylord for a head-to-head matchup against the city’s team. Gaylord took the first scoring shit only two minutes into the game from a free-kick. Dawson evened the score, taking an assist from Lindberg. Gaylord took two more goals off Marquette, putting the score at 3-1 before halftime, Gaylord in the lead. Ezra Pickard closed the gap on Gaylord, taking the shot from Lindberg, and Senior Hayden Byma tied up the game after a successful penalty kick on Gaylord. At 3-3, the stakes high and the game tense, Dawson made the winning score with one minute left on the clock with a breakaway pass from Nick Lindberg. Attending the net, Harrison Anthos faced 11 shots throughout the game.

Coach Dan Salmon – “To come away from this weekend 4-0 is an impressive start. The boys really fought hard on Friday in 90° heat with three games in a row. Even with that I was most proud of their effort against Gaylord. Coming back from two goals down and winning at the end showed a lot of heart. We grew tremendously as a team in the last 20 minutes of the game. Max Dawson really stepped it up with 10 goals over the weekend and just as impressive was a Nick Linberg with seven assists and a goal.”

Next Tuesday, Marquette will host Boyne City at 5m at the Kaufman Sports Complex. Currently, the Redmen are 4-0 for the season.


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