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GLR – NMU Womens Hockey vs Western Michigan University Mustangs

Posted on February 2, 2008 in Professional Sports News.

The following posts by Daryl T. Jarvinen are written about what is seen through the lens of his camera. I make some very interesting observations while photographing the action at many local sporting events. It is very hard to assess the total picture of any game, but I believe there are also some other very important things that are documented permanently through a photo or a series of photos that tell a story not generally seen by the naked eye.

I was on my way home from Lakeview Arena after photographing the Marquette Ranger&#39s versus the Alexandria Blizzard hockey game on Friday, February 1, 2008 (with the Ranger&#39s losing by a score of 4-2) when I noticed a bus parked in front of the Berry Events Center. I thought there might be a women&#39s hockey game going on after I saw several cars parked in the parking lot and all of the lights on at the Berry. Low and behold, there was a game going on and it had just started. I proceeded to assemble my camera and make my way downstairs to access the visitor&#39s bench to start photographing. This was probably my second time watching the Northern Michigan University Women&#39s Ice Hockey team in action and the first time photographing it. I immediately noticed that both teams were dressed in high quality uniforms, not the low quality, second-hand, run-down versions I had previously seen. The opposing teams goalie stood next to me, cheering on her teammates and opening the door for them as they entered and exited the ice. She would also tell how many people were needed to be ready during the upcoming line changes. The WMU Mustangs appeared to have a pretty good offensive line that controlled the puck well down low. Northern appeared to struggle defensively with containing their speed. There were quite a few penalties called on both teams. Western led by a score of 3-0 by the end of the first period when I left.

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