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Posted on April 6, 2005 in Professional Sports News.

2005 HS Football Schedule
Northern Elite is a new co-op in WI with Niagara, Goodman and Pembine

Friday, August 26
Gwinn at Westwood
Iron Mountain at Ishpeming
Norway at Munising
Manistique at Negaunee
Escanaba at T.C. Central
Marquette at Petoskey
Mequon Homestead, WI at Kingsford
Sault Ste. Marie at Gladstone
Menominee at Green Bay Southwest
Calumet at Stephenson
L&#39Anse at Houghton
Ironwood at Hurley
Florence, WI at West Iron County
Lake Linden-Hubbell at Baraga
Wakefield-Marenisco at Bessemer
Washburn at Forest Park
Ontonagon at Ewen-Trout Creek
Northern Elite at North Dickinson
Brimley at North Central
Rapid River at Pickford
Posen at Cedarville
Engadine at Atlanta
Charlevoix at St. Ignace
Harbor Springs at Rudyard

Saturday, August 27
Bark River-Harris at Mid Peninsula
Eagle River-Northland Pines, WI at Hancock

Thursday, September 1
Stephenson at Norway
Westwood at Houghton
Calumet at West Iron County
Ewen-Trout Creek at Hancock
Rapid River ar North Central
Lena, WI at Mid Peninsula
Engadine at Brimley
Maple City Glen Lake at St. Ignace
Rudyard at Elk Rapids

Friday, September 2
Negaunee at Munising
Iron Mountain at Gwinn
Ishpeming at Manistique
Green Bay Southwest at Kingsford
Alpena at Escanaba
Marquette at Sault Ste. Marie
Menominee at Medford, WI
Gladstone at Milwaukee Custer
L&#39Anse at North Dickinson
Ironwood at Northern Elite
Baraga at Ontonagon
Bark River-Harris at Tomahawk, WI
Boyne City at Newberry
Pickford at Hillman

Saturday, September 3
Bessemer at Washburn
Hurley at Lake Linden-Hubbell
Forest Park at Wakefield-Marenisco
Soo St. Basil&#39s at Cedarville

Friday, September 9
Gwinn at Manistique
Munising at Westwood
Negaunee at Gladstone
West Iron County at Iron Mountain
Ishpeming at Calumet
Norway at Wrightstown, WI
T. C. West at Marquette
Hopkins, MN at Kingsford
Houghton at Ironwood
L&#39Anse at Ontonagon
Baraga at Bessemer
Forest Park at Hurley
Wakefield-Marenisco at Ewen-Trout Creek
Lake Linden-Hubbell at Washburn
Mid Peninsula at North Dickinson
Eagle River-Northland Pines, WI at North Central
Newberry at Bark River-Harris
Sault Ste. Marie at Rudyard
Cheboygan at St. Ignace
Cedarville at Rapid River
Pellston at Engadine
Posen at Pickford
Soo St. Basil&#39s at Brimley

Saturday, September 10
Stephenson at Hancock

Friday, September 16
Westwood at Ishpeming
Munising at Gwinn
Iron Mountain at Negaunee
Manistique at Norway
Marquette at Escanaba
Stephenson at Gladstone
Kingsford at Minocqua Lakeland, WI
Houghton at Calumet
West Iron County at Ironwood
Ewen-Trout Creek at Baraga
Ontonagon at Forest Park
North Dickinson at Bark River-Harris
Mid Peninsula at North Central
Brimley at Rapid River
Newberry at Rudyard
St. Ignace at Rogers City
Cheboygan at Sault Ste. Marie
Cedarville at Engadine
Sault White Pine, CN at Pickford

Saturday, September 17
L&#39Anse at Hancock
Hurley at Wakefield-Marenisco
Bessemer at Lake Linden-Hubbell
Marinette at Menominee

Friday, September 23
Negaunee at Gwinn
Westwood at Iron Mountain
Munising at Newberry
Kingsford at Menominee
Escanaba at DePere, WI
Gladstone at Marquette
Hancock at Calumet
West Iron County at Houghton
Ironwood at Stephenson
Baraga at LAnse
Bessemer at Hurley
Lake Linden-Hubbell at Ontonagon
Ewen-Trout Creek at Forest Park
Wakefield-Marenisco at Washburn
Bark River-Harris at North Central
Rapid River at North Dickinson
Cedarville at Mid Peninsula
Rudyard at St. Ignace
Pickford at Brimley
Soo Bahwating, CN at Sault Ste. Marie

Saturday, September 24
Ishpeming at Norway

Friday, September 30
Ishpeming at Munising
Manistique at Iron Mountain
Norway at Negaunee
Calumet at Gwinn
Kingsford at Marquette
Escanaba at Menominee
Gladstone at Alpena
Stephenson at Houghton
Hancock at Westwood
Ironwood at L&#39Anse
Phillips, WI at West Iron County
North Dickinson at Forest Park
Hurley at Baraga
Ontonagon at Bessemer
Washburn at Ewen-Trout Creek
Rapid River at Bark River-Harris
Mid Peninsula at Brimley
Lincoln Alcona vs. North Central
Newberry at St. Ignace
Pickford at Cedarville
Rudyard at Rogers City
Sault Ste. Marie at Petoskey
Engadine at Hillman

Saturday, October 1
Lake Linden-Hubbell at Wakefield-Marenisco

Friday, October 7
Negaunee at Ishpeming
Munising at Manistique
Westwood at Norway
Gwinn at Bark River-Harris
Gladstone at Escanaba
Menominee at Marquette
Calumet at L&#39Anse
Hancock at Ironwood
West Iron County at Stephenson
Forest Park at Baraga
Washburn at Hurley
Ewen-Trout Creek at Bessemer
Wakefield-Marenisco at Ontonagon
North Central at North Dickinson
Mid Peninsula at Rapid River
St. Ignace at Sault Ste. Marie
Cheboygan at Newberry
Pickford at Engadine
Cedarville at Brimley

Saturday, October 8
Iron Mountain at Kingsford
Houghton at Lake Linden-Hubbell

Friday, October 14
Iron Mountain at Munising
Manistique at Westwood
Marquette vs. Negaunee (at Dome)
Escanaba at Medford, WI
Kingsford at Gladstone
Plymouth Wayzata, MN at Menominee
Houghton at Ishpeming
Ironwood at Calumet
Stephenson at L&#39Anse
Baraga at Washburn
Bessemer at Forest Park
Ontonagon at Hurley
Cedarville at Bark River-Harris
North Central at Engadine
Pickford at Mid Peninsula
North Dickinson at Tomahawk, WI
Rogers City at Newberry
Rudyard at Cheboygan
Ogemaw Heights at Sault Ste. Marie
Brimley at Lincoln Alcona

Saturday, October 15
Gwinn at Norway
Hancock at West Iron County
Ewen-Trout Creek at Lake Linden-Hubbell
Park Falls, WI at Wakefield-Marenisco
St. Ignace at Whittemore-Prescott

Thursday, October 20
Ishpeming vs. Gwinn (at Dome) 6 p.m.

Friday, October 21
Negaunee at Westwood
Manistique at Stephenson
Norway at Iron Mountain
Marquette at Calumet
Escanaba at Kingsford
Menominee at Gladstone
Bessemer at Ironwood
L&#39Anse at West Iron County
Hurley at Ewen-Trout Creek
Newberry at Sault Ste, Marie
St. Ignace at Lincoln Alcona
WOLVERINE GAMES at F.U.P. (2 at Dome)

Saturday, October 22
Houghton at Hancock
Munising vs. Rudyard (at Dome) 7 p.m.
Forest Park at Lake Linden.-Hubbell
Baraga at Wakefield-Marenisco
Washburn at Ontonagon

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