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NMU Wildcat Volleyball Alumni Stun Varsity Wildcats – March 20, 2010

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NMU Wildcat Volleyball Alumni Stun Varsity Wildcats

In a stunning upset, the NMU Wildcat Alumni volleyball team defeated the NMU Wildcat Varsity team in five sets during the Northern Michigan University Wildcat Volleyball Spring Tournament held at Vandament Arena in Marquette, Michigan on March 20, 2010.

Despite having only two one hour practice sessions, the NMU Volleyball Alumni team met in the Vandament Arena on Friday for a one hour practice session and to discuss their team strategy to determine who would be playing in the variety of positions they had to fill.  The Alumni team, comprised of Kat Garvick (OH 06-09), Brittany McGowan (S 04-07), Caryn VanBeckum (MH 04-08), Cindy (Franssen) Wiggins (DS/L 81-84), Rachel Green (S/DS 08-09), Breanne Zaremba (OH 06-09), Mandie Meyer (OH 06-09), Andrea Smith (OH 02-05), Cassie Osiecki (DS/L 06-09)and Amy Anderson-Goldsworthy (MH 06-09), needed to know who still had the skill and energy to play some of the more demanding positions against the younger, fitter and more energetic volleyball squads they had to face.  All of them clearly were still able to play volleyball at a high level.

The Alumni squad dominated the first two sets with great defense, smart offense and a noticeably different attitude than the serious, work like manner they endured when playing for NMU.  They were there to have fun.  It was difficult to find one of the girls without a huge smile and beating the younger girls made it that much sweeter.

Dominic Yoder was noticeably concerned after losing the first two sets.  In the third set, the varsity team came out strong with more consistent serving and a slight line-up change.  It worked and for the next two sets, the varsity team was able to come out with wins, albeit not easy ones.  The older squad was clearly not in the same playing shape as they once had been and were beginning to show a little fatigue going into fourth set.  Their experience was the difference and they never gave up.  The Alumni squad came back in the fifth set with the determination they needed to pull out the win.

Photographs Courtesy of Daryl Jarvinen

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