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Westwood(40) vs Houghton(21) 09-02-10

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After starting the season on the road with a 35-0 winner over the Gwinn Model Towners, the Westwood Patriots play host to the Houghton Gremlins for their 1st home game of the year. A heavy rain early in the day was thought to make for a cold wet night of Mudville Football, but the afternoon sun returned and the Patriots had a prefect night for their pregame tailgate party and Thursday Night Football with Joe Dexter and Dave Maas bringing you the call from the Pen Bank Broadcast Studio.

Houghton took the kickoff, with a good return to near the Westwood 40 yard line, with Houghtons’  RB Marshall Kempenin doing most of the legwork as Houghton scored on their 1st posession.

Westwood then took it’s 1st possession, with great running, then Brock Lawry took the option, bounced off his blocker and ran in for the score. Westwood attempted the 2 point conversion but the pitch out was mishandled and Westwood trails 7-6.

A fumble recovery by Westwood gave the Patriots Great field position, ending with Brock Lawry moving the ball and running in from a yard out to score. Another 2 point conversion try was unsuccessful but Westwood leads 12-7 with under 2 minutes in the 1st quarter.

The 2nd quarter starts with a botched Houghton punt with the ball grounded on the Houghton 2 yard line, followed by Nick Benda running in for the score to start the quarter, 18-7. Westwood attempted another 2 point conversion, But a high pass by QB Zac French was incomplete. Houghtons’ next possession was stymied by a tough Patriot Defense, with Houghton going 3 and out.

At 5:45 in the 2nd, Houghton was moving the ball when a huge hit by Westwood turned over the ball, and the Patriots recovered the ball near the Houghton 45 yard line. After a long incomplete pass attmept by Westwood that had a lot of contact, the Patriots then took a steady ground game to the Gremlins, ending with a 1 yard run by Lawry to score with under 3 minutes in the half, making it 24-7, with Lawry in for the 2 point conversio,  making it 26-7. Westwood.

Kempinen forged ahead to try and put more Houghton points on the board before the half,  but a fumble with under a minute left from Westwood recovering the ball.  QB French connected long to Lawry, then a missed short out to Benda, and a Houghton Penalty gives Westwood the ball on the 10 yard line. QB French is hit hard, fumbles the ball, and in the loose ball advancement, Center Lucas Yeager wound up in the end zone for the touchdown, and with a missed 2 point try, end the 1st half 32-7.

A heavy rain returned returned late in the 1st half, and Westwood took the opening kickoff deep in their own territory to start the 2nd half.  With a wet ball,  Brock Lawry held on to the ball and tried to run, but Houghton kept the Patriots to 3 and out. Westwoods’ Lawry punted deep to Kempinen of the Gremlins’, but Kempinen was called for an illegal fair catch , leaving Houghton to start well within their own real estate. The Gremlins’ moved the ball slowly up the field, but burning up the clock, still down 32-7 with 3 minutes left in the 3rd. With 4th and 4 and Houghton with a 3 man backfield, it was a short pass to Houghton RB Zak Oatinen that made it a 1st down to keep Houghton moving, and Kempinen continued to be the workhorse for the Gremlins, moving the ball down the field and putting Houghton on the Westwood 10 yard line to end the 3rd Quarter.

Then Kempinen took the handoff in the opening play, ran the ball in from the 10 yard line start the 4th quarter, with Houghton QB HeathJohnson kicking the extra point to make it 32-14. Westwood then went 3 and out, followed by a long punt with a hometown roll to put Houghton deep in their own territory to start another series late in the game. But a tough Westwood defense held Houghton to 3 and out and took their punt at the Westwood 45 yard line.

Then French made a handoff to RB Nick Benda saw him break loose for a nice 38 yard run, putting the ball at the 9 yard, then a pitch out by Qb Zac French to Westwood RB Tarvinen ran in to score and make it 38-14, then Zak French capped off a short pass to WR Michael Osborne for the 2 point conversion making it 40 to 14 Westwood.

Then a 50 yard run by Houghton ended with a wet loose football bouncing across the field  QB Johnson recovering, but Gremlin RB McLean broke free on the next play to outrun everyone for a 51 yard run to score, capped by QB Johnson kicking the extra point to bring the score to 40-21, capping a nice individual effort with only a minute left to play. Westwood held the ball on the ground to run out the last 60 second to go 2-0 on the season with the 40-21 non-conference win; Houghton now at 1-1.

Westwood next faces the Munising Mustangs in Mid-Pen action next Friday Night.  Join Joe Dexter and Dave Maas for the action. Pre Game at 7pm, kickoff at 7:30pm  September 10th

To listen to the Game CLICK HERE

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