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Emeralds Varsity(1) VS. Harbor Springs(3), Manistique Volleyball Districts – Wednesday, 11/05/2008

Posted on November 5, 2008 in Manistique Emeralds.


Manistique, Mi. – In what must be considered a season filled with upheaval, bad decisions and controversy, the Manistique Emerald Varsity volleyball team never gave up, in the end losing in the first round of the districts to an 11-21-5 team from Harbor Springs.

This reporter wonders how a district that is supposed to be played in Newberry roughly midway between Harbor Springs and Manistique ends up being played at the home court of one of the two contestants? A conversation with one of the parents before the match confirmed the inappropriate nature of this venue. In professional football, Las Vegas odd makers consider home field advantage the equivalent of 3 points. In a game governed by momentum, as volleyball is, this advantage may be even more considerable. A football playoff would never willingly be given to the opponents as this district opening round was? I guess volleyball isn’t that important? What is up with that Manistique Superintendent John Chandler and AD Rob Ryan?… Freddie Bryant, Newberry AD?:… why not bring 200+ people into your town simply from a commercial aspect? And if this is a MHSAA policy why wasn’t it challenged?… the MHSAA has taken idiotic stances in the past and has paid twice in defeat over the last 10 years. These two slaps in the face of the MHSAA were from Volleyball in the areas of the Upper Peninsula’s inclusion in the State tourney, and the change of seasons.

Bottom line: Manistique played out of their element, and it appears that no one cared. The season ended as it began, in chaos.

Now to the match:

Manistique played the strongest first 10 points that they had all season. Malorie Lakosky came out very strong with 3 blocks in the first game. Holly Hueter again played very solidly middle blocking and out of the back row. Melanie Neddow played as well as she could digging and passing from a positioning foreign to her, but other girls had difficulty in a match that saw not one (1) substitution. I am serious, not one (1) substitution. Kristi Hyland, who leads the team in aces and service percentage, was moved out of the spark plug server spot to the last in rotation? Hyland was relegated to just one term of service in the first two games (which she made the best of, leading the team in points on serve).

Manistique lost the first game in a great battle; 22-25. The second was not as close as the score indicated when Kloss and Miller of Harbor Springs teamed up to strip the Emeralds 25-17. Then Manistique woke up… Hyland, Neddow and the rest of the squad stepped up to win a hard contested set 30-28, but in the end, all the gas had been spent. Manistique lost the last set 25-17 coasting in just short of the gas station with a time out taken to the locker room. Emerald volleyball 2008; may you Rest in Peace.

Good luck to the graduating seniors who, after this season’s challenges, have displayed an amazing resilience. They will go far.

-David Lawrence – Sports Commentator

Varsity Box Score:





One response on “Emeralds Varsity(1) VS. Harbor Springs(3), Manistique Volleyball Districts – Wednesday, 11/05/2008

  1. Tony Colbert says:

    Manistique volleyball as stunk for years. They need real coaches and not spot fillers.