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Boxing – Mayweather Defeats Paquiao In A Unanimous Decision

Posted on May 4, 2015 in Professional Sports News.

The Fight of the Century is in the history books with the big win going to a still-undefeated Floyd Mayweather Junior.

Mayweather got the best of Manny Pacquiao (PACK-ee-ow) in Saturday night’s welterweight fight in Las Vegas, winning a unanimous 12-round decision.

He’s now 48-and-0 in his career, with Pacquiao slipping to 57-6-and-2.

The long-anticipated matchup was considered the highest grossing bout in boxing history, expected to generate a record purse of more than 300-million-dollars.

Terms of the contract signed by the two titans called for Mayweather to walk away with 60 percent, win or lose, compared to Pacquiao’s 40 percent.

By:  Mike Plourde     –     for Great Lakes Radio Sports

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