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Pigs And Heat – The Pigs Beat The Heat

Posted on March 17, 2016 in Sports News - Yooper & Michigan.

The Pigs beat the Heat 7 to 4 Wednesday evening at Lakeview Arena.

The Heat came out flying in the first period getting two goals from Jeff Sims of the Marquette Township Fire Department.

That’s the way the first period ended – Heat 2 and the Pigs 0.
In the second period the Pigs roared back…getting goals from Jason Welch of the Michigan State Police, 2 from Mike Peterson of the Marquette City Police, and one from Kirby Franti of NMU public Safety.

The Heat were held scoreless in the second and the period ended with the Pigs up 4 to 2.
The third period was strong for both teams…but the Pigs were a little stronger.

The Heat scored twice in the third..getting goals from Jeff Simms of the Marquette Township Fire Department and Mark Muladore of the Negaunee Township Fire Department.

The Pigs countered with goals from Matt Bush and Craig Hartz..both from the Marquette Branch Prison, and a goal by David Stiglich of the Marquette County Sheriff’s Department.

The game ended with a victory for the Pigs by a score of 7 to 4.

By:  Mike Plourde     –     for Great Lakes radio Sports

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